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Words of a Feather - Kickstarter Edition

Words of a Feather - Kickstarter Edition

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Words of a Feather is the word game to make your evening memorable through fun conversation and just a touch of competition. Players provide clues and score points when they match their guessed word. Feeling confident about your guess? Risk up to two points to double your money if you match a guessed word with any other player. Elevate your game night with Words of a Feather.


  • 100 Turquoise Cards 
  • 100 Amethyst Cards (Kickstarter Edition Exclusive)
  • 100 Ruby Cards (Kickstarter Edition Exclusive)
  • 1 Ceramic Bowl
  • 150 Point Gems
  • 8 Dry Erase Markers
  • 8 White Boards
  • 1 Rule Book
Note, there are limited quantities of the Kickstarter edition. 


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    A Beautiful Word Game

    With simple rules and casual gameplay, Words of a Feather is an easy addition to your game night!

    "Great for Family Game Night

    "This went over much better than I expected with my kids... once we got into it, there was very little downtime."

    - The Family Gamers

    "An Absolute Stunner of a Game

    "It simply stole the attention from all the other tables."

    - The Lucky Roll

    How to Play

    Select two clue cards

    Add a verbal clue

    Write your Secret Word

    All Players Guess, Bet, & Score

    Glue Giver: 1 point/match

    Guessers: 1 point if you match

    Bets pay 2:1 if you match with anyone

    Game ends at 15 points.

    Competitive Variant: Clue Giver gets 0 points if everyone matches.

    Fast and Easy to Set Up